Happy 2017!

Happy 2017 Everyone! Big things are happening with Kindred Art this year.  I am now offering prints & products, in addition to digital files(!), so I am really excited about that.  Your photos deserve to be displayed & passed down for many years to come.

Soooo….What are some things you are looking forward to – perhaps a vacation or a new arrival? Maybe you’re getting married? Do you have any goals or resolutions? Comment below. I’d love to hear!


-I have two trips planned for this year (NYC and Destin, FL). I’m so excited because it isn’t often we go on trips.

-One of my personal photography goals for this year is to take a photo every week following a new theme. I’m doing this with a group of my photography friends. I’ve tried these projects in the past and failed, so I don’t know how far I’ll get (mainly because life gets busy when portrait season comes around). But it’ll be fun trying!

POTW Week 2: Laughter (I’m a week behind already lol)

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