Happy 4th Birthday Hannah! – – The Little Mermaid Party

My baby is turning four in a couple days.  How is that possible?!  Wasn’t she just a baby yesterday?

Today we celebrated her birthday with family and a couple close friends, and the theme was “The Little Mermaid.”  My daughter is slightly obsessed with Ariel and this movie.  In fact, chances are, if you ask her what her name is she will tell you it is Ariel.  The two top things she wanted for her birthday was (another) Ariel doll and then fins.  She got the doll from her aunt Ashley, and we got her a mermaid blanket (fins).  She’s a happy girl. :)

As usual, we keep it pretty low-key around here.  I try to make every party a little special with a few decorations, but for the most part I don’t go too extravagant.  I did get a little inspiration from Pinterest for some of the food.

Thank you again to everyone who came to celebrate with us!  We love you all! XoXo



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